e-Governance in India has steadily evolved from computerization of Government Departments to initiatives that encapsulate the finer points of Governance, such as citizen centricity, service orientation and transparency. Lessons from previous e-Governance initiatives have played an important role in shaping the progressive e-Governance strategy of the country. Due cognizance has been taken of the nation that to speed up e-Governance implementation across the various arms of Government at National, State, and Local levels, a programme approach needs to be adopted, guided by common vision and strategy. This approach has the potential of enabling huge savings in costs through sharing of core and support infrastructure, enabling interoperability through standards, and of presenting a seamless view of Government to citizens.

E-Governance & Osiris Infotech

We define, design, and deliver technology enabled solutions for markets like E- Governance such as Financial Inclusion – Domestic Money Remittance Solutions/ General rural and sub rural banking networks B2B services through: 

a.) Series of technology enabled solutions to modernize the States and creation of data for public as well computerization      of records

b.) Series of IT services to improve the visibility of government to cater to the needs of society. It includes setting up      centres for common services at consumer doorsteps and create infrastructure to transact with citizen.

c.) We adopt latest technology and strive to deliver improved value to public at large. Our strong resource of technology team has enabled us to early access to wide      range of new commercially ready technologies thereby competitive edge to enable State and Governments to deliver higher value to public.

d.) We enable sourcing and acquiring of micro transactions at customers doorstep. Our model is built to offer bouquet of products to clients and their customers at      affordable prices across channels as compared to traditional infrastructure based delivery models.

e.) The advantage of using our solutions are end to end technology and services bundled offering, enabling delivery at scale through secure transaction mechanisms      to reinforce trust and enhance user experience.

f.) Osiris Infotech caters to the industry needs across market segments by undertaking complete electronic payment platform projects. Osiris Infotech solutions are      anchored around using biometrics, smart cart, hand-held devices and Micro Deposit Machines to perform field operations and biometric authentication